“Waitin’ 4 the Dawn” Release

AOSTA, (IT) – October 2016

MOVIN’K  released their new album “WAITIN’ 4 THE DAWN”, for TdE Music Productionz, after the 2014 EP “PARK YOUR BUTT”.

WAITIN’ 4 THE DAWN” includes 14 original songs, composed by Francesco K Epiro and arranged by Movin’ K; the album was recorded at TdE Studio (Aosta); it was mixed and mastered by Simone ’Momo’ Riva.

WAITIN’ 4 THE DAWN” will be released on October 9 2016; digital version will be available on most important music streaming services; physical digipack CD will be purchasable at Movin’ K merchandising stand on band’s live events; you can also order the new album at info@movink.net or www.movink.net .

MOVIN’K, including in their line up Federico Mongelli (drums), Salvatore Gagliano (guitar) , Riccardo “L” Sostene (bass) , Maria Rita Briganti (vox) and Francesco “K” Epiro (vox, piano, keys, loops); MK  were supported during the recording sessions by performaces of Simone ‘Momo’ Riva (funky guitar), Paola Lautieri (vox on Ghost), Davide DAG Gullotto ( electric and acoustic guitar)  and Massimo Maltese (Sax).

WAITIN’ 4 THE DAWN” will be introduced on 09.10.2016 (6:00 PM) at “Tour de Villa” Castle in Gressan (Aosta – Italy); a live tour to promote the album is set for 2016/2017.

For any contact or information:  www.movink.net info@movink.net

News and live dates at https://www.facebook.com/MOVINK.MK


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